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Gus Linde Consulting
Gus Linde Consulting shared a link.3 months ago
There’s a job opening. It’s a more senior role at an incredible company/organization.
Gus Linde Consulting
Gus Linde Consulting3 months ago
I hope everyone is enjoying your Labor Day weekend. As I reflect on our national day honoring our labor force, I thought I would share this article in work values. We hear a lot about soft skills, cultural fit, and a host of other catchy terms for the skills and traits people bring to an organization. Whether it’s new workers to the labor force, blue collar workers, white collar workers and all those in between, the catch phrase we use boil down to work ethic! It is the traits we bring to our personal and professional lives every day. Why we bring them,how we portray them to others, and what we take from the experiences we create by them.

No matter what we do and how we do it. The end product is based on the collaborative efforts of ourselves and those around us. Employers demand it and we should expect it from ourselves. Not only in our personal endeavors, but our professional ones. Both our personal and professional lives are intertwined and feed off of the other.

Feel free to share and repost this to your network. We all need reminded to focus on ourselves and continue to craft a better version for tomorrow and beyond.

Happy Labor Day!!

Eastern Indiana Works
Gus Linde Consulting
Gus Linde Consulting4 months ago
As I enjoy a week with my father in Massachusetts. I was able to attend the church he attend in his youth. The sermon yesterday was regarding compassion. As I reflected on this topic personally and professionally, the strength of this character trait and skill is one that would serve not only leaders but everyone in our country to take time and show it to each other. It is easy to hate but hard to be compassionate and guide friends, coworkers, neighbors and family to think how to better their community through influencing others behaviors. My challenge today is for each of us to help those in our network to serve with humility and respect for each other and their opinions.

I hope you enjoy this leadership blog on this topic.
2 months ago
Good concept on separating politics and education. Time to drive for the needs of students and local communities.
3 months ago
Why You May Hate Your New Job and What to Do if This Happens
3 months ago
Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the following post as you reflect on this national holiday weekend of observance. #LaborDay #workforcedevelopment #workethics #workvalues@EINworks